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Call us if you have legal questions. Steve Lombardi is a personal injury lawyer in Iowa.  If you, your spouse or a member of your family or friends are involved in any kind of accident contact the Lombardi Law Firm. We can assist you with your claim. Don't delay, call today. 
Steve Lombardi, Attorney

Websites, including this one are not all that easy to navigate. This area is intended to bridge the gap between your legal question and how to best get an answer from Lombardi Law Firm.

If you have trouble seeing the type use the Control (Ctrl) key and the plus (+) key and the letters you see will increase in size.

If you want to streamline only what is relevant to your search then do a search using the "Search" box and just on the site by checking the circle right to the left of the web address. Then press the "GO" button and a separate window will open with all the relevant posts.

Each practice category has a separate page tailored to that subject. There are blog posts listed to the left, news items to the right and videos along with Q&A's. Each category of personal injury law that we cover has a title and there are three blogs posted under the category title. If you want to read more in that category then simply click on the category title and it will take you to all the information we've posted about that area of practice.

If you have trouble still, then write to me [email protected]. Perhaps I can help you.

If you're a member of the news media, contact me and I'll let you know how to streamline what you do and how to follow all the new posts that are posted. Many of you not very technologically proficient have free tools available to you that can streamline your workload. Using tools like Google Reader will make your life a whole lot simpler.

If you're an attorney in Iowa forget copying what I do you're too far behind.

Marketing on the Internet: I teach marketing to more than just to lawyers. For the most part lawyers and marketing are like oil and water, the two don't mix well. What I've learned could work for any industry, even the news media. It can work for manufacturers, realtors, industrialists, investors, service providers, doctors, accountants, investors, engineers, oil service firms, day care workers and any other business. It works best for those that understand and have a clearly defined business model. For lawyers I have limitations because I have no intention of educating my competitors.

If you're an attorney or law firm from outside of Iowa and would like a seminar at your office on how to use the Internet for marketing, then contact me and for a fee I'll teach your staff how to more effectively market using the Internet. I teach law firms with staff at all levels from beginner to intermediate. The techniques I use have been honed by posting thousands of blogs over years of learning. I can shorten your staff's learning curve and increase your firm's profitability.

Fees range from the low of $1,000 to the high of $100,000, depending on the size of your firm or business and whether you want a day, a week or a month's seminar.  Costs of ongoing training are subject to what your marketing workers require. The devil is in the details.


For further information contact me at:

  • Steve Lombardi, Attorney, Investor & Realtor
  • 1300 - 37th Street, Suite 6
  • West Des Moines, Iowa 50266
  • 515-222-1110
  • Fax: 515-222-0718
  • Mr. Lombardi's Assistant and Chief Cook: Barbara Lombardi (She's also my wife so be polite!)
Steve Lombardi
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