Unemployment Appeal Board Grants Employee Benefits

When you are fired from your job, your first step is to apply for unemployment insurance benefits.  A fact-finding interview will take place where a representative of the Iowa Workforce Development will listen to you and to a representative from your employer.  Based on these statements, the representative of the IWD will make an initial decision of whether you should receive benefits.  If you are denied, you can then appeal to an Administrative Law Judge with the IWD.  A phone hearing will take place, similar to the fact-finding interview, but with more formality and the chance to have an attorney represent you and make arguments on your behalf.  If this hearing also results in a denial of benefits, you can then appeal to the Unemployment Appeal Board based on the evidence and testimony as already received.  Unlike before, there will be no hearing - the UAB will simply review what is already in the record for errors and will reverse the denial of benefits if they believe the administrative law judge was wrong in denying benefits.  Even though it is frustrating for the employee/claimant to go through all of these steps, it is worth it and the UAB does reverse decisions by administrative law judges when they are wrong. 

Call us today to help you successfully appeal a denial of benefits to the Unemployment Appeal Board.

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