We do a lot of teaching during the course of representation in personal injury and workers’ compensation cases. It’s the most valuable service we provide in the practice of law. Lately I find myself repeating the title a lot. Clients, in their personal injury lawsuits, want to win, because for them the stakes are so high. I understand. I appreciate the pressures on injured folks. And I, probably like you, hate to lose. But advocating is not what the client should be doing. Advocating is not what a judge or jury needs to hear from the injured person. Facts are. 

Here is what this means.

The injured person’s job is not to argue or to advocate their cause by arguing about fact. Yes, it is your case and yes you will provide testimony. But NO, you do not have to nor should you advocate your position. That’s the lawyer’s job, not the clients. 

And so, as a client, what should you do? What is your role? What is your job?

Learn about the case, the process and how to be the best injured plaintiff you can be, by simply doing the following.

  • DON’T ARGUE, just testify.

If we can help you with your case, call us, sit for an appointment and let’s see if you want to hire us and we want to be hired. We don’t always want the case. Some clients and cases just aren’t the right fit. But, if yours is, we are here to help. So call now. 

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