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On July 6, 2011 Colleen Paradine died when a fire broke out at a Casey's store in La Porte City, Iowa. The Iowa Division of Labor issued a citation and in it fined Casey's $4,500. That citation was resolved favorably for Casey's and this is one of those cases that demonstrate why employers who are fined should hire one of the firms downtown that handle these types of issues. Unfortunately for Casey's the resolution of the OSHA fine will not resolve any personal injury claims or the workers' compensation claims the estate or dependents may have. The question remains how the fire started and why couldn't the worker safely escape? Report by KCRG
(MATTHEW PUTNEY / Courier Photo Editor) By Kara Kelly LA PORTE CITY, Iowa (AP) - State workplace safety officials say Casey's General Stores Inc. will not be fined in connection with a fire that killed an employee at a store in La Porte City. ... 
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