Recovery for Single-Vehicle Crash

Single-vehicle crashes often result in some of the most serious injuries and/or casualties.  While there is no "other driver" to sue in these instances, there are still ways for the injured or deceased parties to obtain a recovery for their damages.  If the victim is a passenger in the vehicle, they (or their estate if they are deceased) can sue the driver of the vehicle for negligence, reckless driving, or other behavior that contributed to or caused the wreck.  In addition, the victim may have a claim against the vehicle manufacturer.  There are many variables and different considerations that come into play in order to bring a successful claim in this scenario, but there are many of which most people are unaware.  Some may include faulty airbags, faulty seatbelts, roofs that are not "crashworthy," seat failure, seat belt failures and tire failure.  If you or someone you know was the victim of a single-vehicle crash, call us to discuss the possible ways we can help recover damages.

But don't wait to contact a lawyer, because if the case is about the vehicle, then we need the vehicle to prove your right to recover damages. We have to prove what defect in the car, tires, structure, seat belts or air bags failed and therefore was the cause of what went wrong.

So call us now.

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