Joe Mccloud was southbound on 180th St. in Appanoose County when he lost control of his vehicle striking a tree in the West ditch. All though Mr. Mccloud was wearing his seat belt he died from the injuries sustained in the crash. The point of contact was broadside on the driver’s door.

For young lawyers and would-be trial lawyers these single-car accidents can be a useful exercise in how to investigate an mva. In this instance there are many questions with no answers need to be asked:

  • What was the speed of the vehicle just previous to losing control? Skid marks? Did anyone take photographs and measure them?
  • What condition was each tire? Did anyone save them?
  • Were the tires matched? Did anyone save them and measure the tread?
  • Was the driver distracted in any way?
  • What was the condition of the roadway? As close to the truth as we can get what made him lose control?
  • What were the road surface conditions?
  • How experienced was the driver in handling the car and a car under these conditions? In that regard are there any witnesses to the movements of the car after the skid started?
  • Was alcohol involved? Probably not since the accident occurred at 9:53 A.M. Of course we’d need to check the toxicology reports and the autopsy?
  • What was the road configuration? Curve or straight, level or hills?
  • Are there any medical conditions that can account for the driver’s sudden loss of control? Like a heart attack or epilepsy (seizure) or blacking out due to new medication regiment.
  • Was the driver wearing his corrective lenses? Were they found in the car or truck?
  • Was the driver in a hurry or might he have fallen asleep? We’d check with those people who were last with him or spoke to him.

We wish the family well in their quest to get answers.

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