This will be my last week of publishing the Iowa Edict. I enjoy writing this legal column and the unique visitor numbers have impressed me, but time marches on and at times dictates things other than what we may enjoy doing. I want to thank Kevin O’Keefe and the Lexblog staff who do a great job of not only supporting those of us that write, but also providing a very valuable service to the legal community of lawyers and laypeople.

I also want to thank my wife Barbara who puts up with my endless monologue of all the things that bother me about politics, the law and society in general. She’s a great partner who without I’d be lost. I love her more today than yesterday, but less than I will tomorrow.

I’m moving in another direction in my business and personal life and time is in short supply so this month I’ve decided to focus my writing towards The Verdict at the Lombardi Law Firm site. I’ll still be writing on a daily basis just not on two or more sites.

In addition we will over time be adding pay-for-service features to the Lombardi Law Firm site, revamping it and making it a part of the e-commerce for legal services. So join me there for continued critical thinking of how the legal world is operating and how politics influences what we do and how you received legal services in the areas of personal injury and workers’ compensation.

I wish you all well and a life free from personal injury.

Steve Lombardi
Iowa personal injury, workers' compensation, motorcycle, quadriplegic, paraplegic, brain injury, death
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