No insuranceThis question was posed to me and the legal answers aren’t really clear. What can be most difficult is finding a lawyer willing to sue or deciding to pay a lawyer an hourly fee to sue. What is the person worth? Might the person at fault win big in the future, like the lottery, or inheritance or does that person own significant assets that are not exempt from execution. All these points are something unknown or hard to determine and you must decide if you want to proceed; or how to proceed.

Question: What happens if the person I filed the personal injury lawsuit against doesn't have insurance? Is this case worth my time? Can I get money out of this guy if he doesn't have insurance? I want to be compensated but I don't want to waste my time and money if this is a lost cause.

Answer: That's a question lawyers often times are faced with answering. I say if the case isn't economically feasible then it's not worth the time for the client, the witnesses, the Court or the injured person's lawyer. The tough part of answering that question is whether or not the defendant has any assets to make it all worth their time.

You can't get blood from a turnip!

People do win the lottery; but not many of them. Some people write books or get publishers interested in their lives while others may be in line to inherit large sums of money or valuable assets. You never know what the future may bring so the answer to this question isn’t an easy one. You've got to do your homework before asking the lawyer to get interested in your case. The toughest part of suing may be in finding a lawyer willing to sue. Even if you do sue and win the defendant can discharge most personal injury claims in bankruptcy court. So winning a verdict and getting a judgment isn’t always winning anything of value.

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