Pushy Insurance AdjusterNo one can get your medical records without having a patient waiver that you have signed. In a motor vehicle accident the insurance companies do not have a signed patient waiver, unless of course you give them one!

Some people believe it is mandatory that they sign a patient waiver, but it's not...at least not right away. Your own lawyer needs one, but not the opposing insurance adjusters. The opposing insurance company needs to wait until after you begin negotiating a settlement. If you give them one too early, they can speak directly to your doctors. There is no legitimate reason why an adjuster working for an opposing insurance company needs to be discussing your medical condition before you have been released from care.

Why Don't I Want To Give An Insurance Adjuster A Signed Patient Waiver?

Let us get the answer through my experience with workers' compensation claims where because the opposing insurance company pays for the care, a patient waiver is immediately required. 

It seems like lately we talk a lot more about workers’ compensation claims. That is because in workers’ compensation mischief is all too common. When it comes to workers' compensation  the insurance companies control the medical and have a signed patient waiver. With access and control of the doctors, the insurance people involved have the ability to create a whole lot of mischief. And do.

But in a car or truck wreck or a motorcycle accident, the injured person does not have to provide a signed patient waiver to the opposing insurance company. To say it another way, do not give up control of your case to anyone except your lawyers.

Can I Trust My Own Insurance Company After An Accident?

And keep in mind, your auto insurance company is not trying to help you to recover "fair compensatiion". If anything you and your insurance company are adversaries. There is only one professional you can trust. That person is your lawyer.

Remember, be careful with what you do and who you trust so you don't wreck your case!

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