Motorcycle Accident in Pocahontas County, Iowa

Motorcyclist dies after crash in ditch

I have been so busy lately and need to thank Katrina and Bridgette for their help keeping up the blog posts. But time moves on and sooner or later lawyers start catching up which is where I am an so let me start with a couple of news items. The riders name is John Lubinas. We handle several motorcycle accidents every year and the injuries are always bad; many are deaths. If we can help you please give us a call. If you choose to go it alone make sure you check out our website with instructions about recorded statements and accident investigation.

Jet skier injured in crash with boat on Des Moines River

Our next case has to do with a jet skier being injured while having fun on the Des Moines River in Polk County. The report said he may have suffered a spinal injury.  We have devoted an entire area of our blog to boating and water sport safety. In these cases there is always going to be debate about whether the injured person, the victim, shoulders some of the blame. So prepare before giving a statement or else get us on your legal team to do the preparation. The insurance adjusters do not see this as a question of fairness. It is about saving money on claims. If you say something you shouldn’t then you lose and get zero.

Charles City Bike Accident

Then in Charles City we had a man killed while riding a bike. The bicyclist was 55-year-old Brian Buy Lauterbach who was hit by a car. We’ve handled these accidents and of course without the cyclist to testify they can be difficult especially if there are no other witnesses. So the key is to hire a lawyer early rather than later so the investigation can get underway without undue delay. It is the delay that makes the destruction of evidence possible. I have several videos on the site that can help you. Go to the HOME page and click on the “Videos” link.  You should check out the Pedestrian Accidents and the videos for Motorcycle, Bike and ATV Accidents.

Okay this is enough for one day. Good luck with your personal injury case and if the personal injury and accident lawyers at the Lombardi Law Firm can help you let us know.

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