Agricultural WorkersQuestion: Is there anything I can do in case I can no longer work because of the injury? Just about a year ago I was ran over by one of my customers while he was combining. I have a severe leg injury that may now never be corrected. I have a limp and trouble with arthritis. Since the accident, I have been in a deep depression.

Answer: In Iowa your injury is classified as a non-scheduled injury entitling you to benefits for industrial disability. Industrial disability roughly equates to a loss of earning capacity. If your medical condition is severe you can be determined to meet the criteria for permanent total disability.

This injury isn't uncommon in farming. In my 30 years of practice I've seen agricultural workers who were run over by a disc, arms tore off from an auger shaft, death by being run over by a three foot aerator tire, suffocation from falling in a grain bin, burned from explosions, burns from electrical contact, chemical poisoning, injuries and death from getting caught in the PTO shaft, fatal injuries from animals, fatalities from being crushed in rollovers and accidents while moving equipment on the highways. Is AG work dangerous? You bet it is, probably as dangerous as working iron.

To see how large and heavy farm equipment is follow this link to a 48 row planter from John Deere.

The one run over by the disc was not a pretty injury that's for sure. I can’t even imagine being run over by a combine and I have to wonder how you survived this accident. You may qualify for lifetime benefits, but your injury isn't one to take lightly; you need a qualified lawyer handling your case. Because not all adjusters see your case and the facts as you probably do. So don't hesitate, go find one so your right to compensation is both protected and maximized; because there is no COLA under the Iowa Workers' Compensation Act.

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