Samsung's problems began when its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones began exploding and catching on fire last month, leading the company to issue a recall and begin production of a new line of supposedly safer phones.  The company offered the new phone to any owners of the dangerous Note 7, but just now it appears these new versions are just as prone to catching on fire spontaneously.  The company has now decided to stop all production of the Galaxy Note 7 in order to investigate the safety issues.  An official at the South Korean safety agency said the newer versions may have an entirely different defect than the original problem, although both issues centered around exploding batteries.  The real issue now is that not only did Samsung have a major defect in its first production of the Galaxy Note 7 that already lost the company customers, this new problem, even after assurances that the phone was safe, will certainly have a negative effect on consumer trust in the company.  And with new technology becoming the norm, it is a question of whether these problems may surface across the board for tech companies as little is known about new technology and the problems they may pose.  Smartphones have been around for some time and seemed safe until these recent issues, and now one must wonder what other safety issues new technology will pose for customers.

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