SheTaxi (also known as SheRides), a new service set to begin soon in the United States, is a car service that allows only female drivers (wearing pink scarves) and only female riders to participate.  The launch will begin on September 16 in New York City, Westchester County, and Long Island.  The service will be fueled by a smartphone App that customers can use to call a taxi from licensed car services; the only caveat is that the drivers are women and the riders must be women.  If a man tries to use SheTaxi, the company will refer him to another car service.  The intent behind this company is to provide safe taxi service for women who would feel more comfortable with a female driver taking them where they need to go.  The original idea for SheTaxi began in India, to help women there feel that they can use a taxi service without the fear of potential harassment or assault from male drivers.  The launch of this company in New York has been met with scrutiny, mainly pointing to the fact that the service necessarily differentiates between genders and is therefore discriminatory.  Federal and New York state laws forbid businesses from treating a worker or job applicant unfavorably based on gender.  Law experts say SheTaxi may violate these laws since it shows a preference for women in a public service - both with regard to hiring the female drivers, and to providing the service only to female customers.  A spokesperson for SheTaxi said that legal staff would handle issues if they arise.  As of yet, the service has yet to begin and only time will tell what the response will be.

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