How to argue in favor of coverage when an insurance company denies coverage

Clients will come to us when an insurance company has denied coverage, looking for a way around the denial.  Sometimes this is not possible depending on the circumstances, but often the insurance company points to language in the policy as a reason to deny coverage, yet the language is vague or ambiguous and may allow coverage.  Or worse still, the language clearly allows coverage, but the insurance company is hoping the insured or beneficiary will not fight the denial.  Insurance policies are long and filled with language that is unclear if you are not familiar with insurance policies, leading the insured or beneficiary to wonder what is truly covered, or to avoid reading the policy at all.  This common fact empowers insurance companies to deny claims whenever possible in the hopes that no one will argue against the denial.  But we have successfully argued in favor of coverage in these instances, at times ultimately receiving the policy limits once we make our arguments to the insurance company about why coverage exists and the insurance proceeds should be paid to our clients.  If you are the victim of an insurance denial, particularly life insurance policies or auto insurance coverage involving a death, call us today to discuss the denial and your policy language to see if the denial is frivolous.

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