With all the mysteries surrounding brain injuries in children, one of the areas with little conclusive research is how to foster speedy recoveries.  A new research study published on January 6 shows that children who engage in high cognitive activities after a concussion have slower recovery rates, up to 100 days.  Children who engaged in less activity that required meticulous thinking and mental awareness recovered between 20 and 50 days after the concussion.  "Limited cognitive activity" means less than 20 minutes of online activity or video games per day, reading less than 10 pages per day, and doing less than 1 hour of homework per day.  By allowing the brain to rest while avoiding these activities, the brain is able to recover faster, presumably because it is not busy engaging in other difficult processes.  Recovery following a concussion, especially in children, should not be overlooked or cast aside as it is clearly important to give the brain a break in order for it to heal itself quickly.

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