This week Katrina Schaefer, an attorney in this office will post news items with these reported personal injury news accidents. I'll attempt to add some analysis to each. Check out her news items and if we can help you with your personal injury case give us a call. 515-222-1110 or [email protected] or [email protected].

Semi-Truck Driver Dies after Serious Crash on I-80On Friday, August 9, a semi-truck driver driving along I-80 in Jasper county struck the center cable barrier and a bridge support before the truck pieces began to fall apart.  The truck rolled onto its side and the trailer crashed open.  The driver was fatally injured.  Police are still investigating, but believe the driver may have fallen asleep at the wheel.  Under Iowa law, the dependents of the deceased driver still have a claim under workers' compensation law.

Casey's Store Receives Harsh Blow from Car Crash - On Thursday, August 8, a car ran into the front of a Casey's store in Shenandoah on Highway 48.  The driver, Homer Hammers of Stanton, Iowa, is 82 years old and accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brake when trying to back out of a parking spot.  Mr. Hammers was not injured, but his car sustained $1000 worth of damage and the store damage will cost $5000 to repair.

University of Iowa Receiving $25 Million from Steve Wynn for Research - Steve Wynn, famous casino owner, recently contracted a disease that is causing him to lose his eyesight.  In an effort to lead the cause to find a cure for blindness, Mr. Wynn has provided $25 million to the University of Iowa to set up a research facility dedicated curing blindness around the world.  Dr. Edwin Stone is the head of the facility and states that he is committed to using this money to draw help from other institutions to create a collaboration of medical experts and research to put an end to blindness.

Potential Identity Theft Risk in Davenport - Genesis Health System, a company in Davenport, Iowa, reported a security lapse exposing the names and birthdates of 1,200 former hospital patients.  The company states that a national medical transcription firm it hired failed to use a firewall to protect online information from May 5 to June 24, leaving 32,000 patient nationwide exposed.  No social security numbers or financial information was leaked; Genesis reports that the information left unprotected included follow-up care information about patient cases.

Beloved Local Man Passes Away after Iowa State Fair Parade - Jerry Triplett of Winterset, Iowa was a local legend of sorts, always doing something in the community and trying to make people happy.  Jerry often dressed up as Uncle Sam for various town events, sang God Bless America, and marched in parades across Iowa.  Jerry's home was open to hundreds of grandchildren and others, as he always welcomed people and enjoyed his life.  He enjoyed volunteering to drive a delivery truck on Valentine's Day and serenading the recipients.  Jerry passed away on Wednesday after attending the State Fair Parade.  He was 78 years old.  Jerry will be missed by his family and entire community.

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