Training Extension Benefits Eligibility

After termination from your place of employment, the first step is to file for unemployment insurance benefits.  If the Iowa Workforce Development determines you are eligible after the initial fact-finding interview, you should receive benefits for 26 weeks.  After those 26 weeks, the benefits will end.  However, if you were terminated from a declining occupation (determined by the IWD and is variable by region within Iowa) or as a result of a permanent reduction of operations at your former place of employment, you may be eligible for what are called "training extension benefits."  The purpose of these benefits is to provide an extra 26 weeks of benefits for people who were let go under specific circumstances as just discussed and are enrolled in a training program that is meant to provide the claimant with new skills to enter a high-technology segment of the workforce.  Not everyone who is laid off and enters a training program is eligible for this extension; the training must meet the approval of the IWD and be specific for certain types of potential jobs that are considered "high-demand" by the IWD criteria.  If you are eligible for unemployment benefits and wish to seek an extension, call us today so we can help you determine whether you are eligible for training extension benefits.

i was a supervisor at a social service agency and my position and other supervisior positions were cut due to budget issues and we were yold they would not be opening up anymore in the near future because they couldnt afford to pay our salaries. does this fall under involuntary seperation due to reduction of operations?
by jessica May 6, 2016 at 05:17 PM
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