Driving on the highways of Illinois can be risky. In this case a student at Southern Illinois University Carbondale was on assignment for the student newspaper when he reportedly was rear-ended by a semi-truck and was killed. From the report it appears this was a construction zone and the truck driver was distracted by the radio controls.

“Clifford Law Offices, who represented Rendleman's family, said Morrison admitted he was tuning the truck's radio immediately prior to the crash.

"This terrible tragedy demonstrates the critical importance of paying attention on the road, especially when there is construction," senior law firm partner Robert Clifford said in a news release.”

The student was only 22-years of age.

Having recently driven from Des Moines, Iowa to Chicago, Illinois I can attest to the road construction. There are two choices in the construction area. If you stay left there are several lanes to choose from; but going right there is only one lane. The first time I had the choice I went left but then realized that it is was too hazardous. The left lane is narrow and bordered on each side by concrete lane separators that limit your ability to avoid someone coming from the back that might rear-end your car. The next time the choice was there I went right and worked my way through the multiple lanes. It seemed a whole lot safer for Barbara and I.  Below is a YouTube video of the stretch of roadway we are talking about. It’s the Chicago I-94 Dan Ryan / Kennedy / Edens Expressway. The first is during daylight and the second at night.

A Rip-Roaring, Revelatory, Rebuilt Ryan Road Romp

Chicago: I-94 Dan Ryan / Kennedy / Edens Expressway


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