A mysterious syndrome, called "Syndrome X", prevents aging past the mind and size of a baby.  Brooke Greenberg, a 20 year old from Baltimore, was one of only a dozen people known to have this syndrome.  She passed away recently, leaving doctors mystified even after observing her for twenty years.  She looked like an infant, but lived for a substantial number of years with such a difficult medical situation.  What makes the syndrome more interesting is that Brooke experienced numerous other health problems, including a brain tumor and a stroke that both resolved on their own and had no long-term effects on her health.  The disorder stumps experienced medical professionals who have attempted to research the syndrome and figure out what causes it and how it may be passed on to children.  No concrete answers exist yet, but scientists and doctors believe there is a key within the genetic makeup of people with this syndrome and that once it is discovered, it will change how aging is viewed in all humans.

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