A Hyundai Tiburon was driving in Davenport, crossed over the center line crashing head-on into an oncoming ambulance. The man in the Hyundai died, the others were alright. The Quad-City Times article has photographs showing wet pavement and the remnants of what looks like it was a horrendous crash on a two-lane road just over the crest of a hill. If I had to guess I’d say that hill top had something to do with it. Maybe there were other distractions or maybe it was just bad judgment, can't really tell from what we are told. I'm sure the rain didn't help. The road is West Kimberly. There were several witnesses including Steve Turner and Mike Ode.

Steve Turner, a witness who lives near the scene, said he heard the crash and saw the front ends of both the car and ambulance caved in. He also said it was raining at the time of the accident.

Mike Ode, another witness who works at the nearby Quad-City Seventh-day Adventist Junior Academy, said he was taking his grandson to the school when the crash occurred.

Ode said the stretch of West Kimberly Road is prone to accidents, mentioning two in the past three years in front of the school.

One question to consider is whether or not anyone was texting while driving. It’s a terrible habit that many people have a problem breaking. One way to stop is to place your phone in the back seat, the glove box or leave it in your briefcase. No message or call is so important that it’s worth dying for. 

Over the past 30 years I've seen several ambulance and emergency vehicle crashes at intersections. The rules-of-the-road are different for rescue vehicles. If you have an accident with an ambulance don't expect the case to be an easy one. You should assume everyone involved in the investigation is in favor of the ambulance driver and therefore not on your side. They may in fact be on your side, but for the sake of fairness don't just assume it is alright to talk about how the accident happened and why. Probably the first thing you should do is hire counsel who will protect your interests. Good luck and here is a quote from the news story. 

One Person Killed After Head-On Crash with Ambulance

DAVENPORT, Iowa - A fatal crash closed all lanes of West Kimberly Road at about Wyoming Avenue early Thursday morning. The wreck was reported around 7 a.m. in the 4600 block of West Kimberly Road. Police...

Seventh Day Adventist School Treasurer Mike Ode said he feared the worst after seeing the crash.

“I saw the red car was pretty much underneath the ambulance,” Ode said. “It just looked like that if the person in the red car did survive, it would be a miracle.

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