Question: What can my aunt do if a person tried to commit suicide by jumping out of their 3-floor window and landing on my Aunt's truck?
Question Detail: This past Wednesday a person tried to commit suicide by jumping out of their 3-floor window and landed on my aunt's truck. She has not insurance and the person is in the hospital still. The person does have mental issues. This person's mother was supposed to make sure he took his medication and she has not which resulted in the suicide attempt. No one is trying to help my aunt with the damages on her car and no has given her the insurance info but she does have a police report. She has lost one of her jobs due to lack of transportation and she has about $4000 in damages to her truck and she doesn't have the money to fix the truck nor get a new one. What can she do? Please help.

Answer: I've seen four recessions and/or depressions, but this is by far the worse one, as far as my clients are concerned. There are not enough decent paying jobs in the manufacturting sector. If you lose a white collar or construction job where can you work to earn enough to feed your family? That said, let us get to today's question. This isn't a question lawyers get very often, if ever. I’d like to ask you about not having auto collision insurance, but I won’t. The next question I have is whether the person who jumped onto your aunt's car had any automobile insurance. You need to call relatives, friends, children and a spouse. Did they have auto, homeowners and/or an umbrella insurance policy? If so you can file a claim with their automobile or homeowner's insurance carrier. The building owner's may even cover this because to some extent the building was involved as was the landlord who rented to this tenant. Of course I'm assuming the jumper was a tenant, they may not be, but facts are missing so I have to assume. But let's get back to the insurance analysis.

The analysis would go something like this: The person was negligent for jumping out the window in the direction of your car and using your car as a landing pad. Assuming they wanted to kill themselves they were negligent for hitting your car. This argument could get really messy.

And that brings us back to the question about your aunt and not having insurance. Okay, why didn’t she have collision coverage? And how valuable is this car? Maybe some things just aren’t worth fighting over. 

Image is Edouard Manet, Suicide

  • Deutsch: Selbstmörder.
  • English: The Suicide [The Suicided Man].
  • Français : Le Suicidé.
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