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In other personal injury news a 68-year-old Ryan man died after colliding with two locomotives at a private Canadian National Railroad crossing in northeast Iowa. He is Kenneth Elmer Sweet who lived in rural Iowa near Cedar Rapids in Delaware County. Interesting enough the Iowa Highway Patrol technical investigator is quoted as saying warning signs and flashing lights are not, the big N-O-T, required at private crossings and trains don't have to sound their horns or whistles at private crossings. Wouldn't it be nice if warning signs saying this is a private railroad crossing were posted? That way we'd know they weren't going to warn us before mowing us down.

So what are questions to be asked and answered?

  • 1. How many times had Mr. Sweet been through this private crossing?
  • 2. Is this "private crossing" over a bike path or road?
  • 3. Had there ever been signs at this crossing?
  • 4. How long did the train's engineers have to warn Mr. Sweet?
  • 5. What were the engineers doing that they didn't see Mr. Sweet?

I need to do more research on these types of accidents. The law is a jealous mistress and even after 30 years she keeps us constantly researching, learning and asking questions. See also Driver dies in collision with train, Register, August 11, 2010

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