Once you separate from your current job (for any number of reasons), your first step is to apply for unemployment benefits through the Iowa Workforce Development Unemployment Insurance Services Division.  This filing will prompt a telephone fact-finding interview that will include a deputy from the workforce center, you, and a representative from your previous employer.  The deputy will ask questions of you and the employer's representative to determine the reasons for your separation from employment.  If the deputy concludes that the termination was due to a voluntary quit without good cause, misconduct, or another disqualifying event, you will be denied unemployment benefits.  

The conclusion of the fact-finding interview will be mailed to you and will include information on how to appeal the denial of benefits.  At this point, it is best to contact an attorney so you can determine whether you have options under the law to contest the denial of benefits.  There are many statutes and laws that govern unemployment benefits and whether you can legally obtain benefits after termination from employment.  In order to best prepare yourself for the appeal hearing, an attorney can help you to decide what documents you need to obtain from your previous employer to show that the basis for termination was one that will allow you to receive unemployment insurance benefits while you look for other employment.  We can assist you in preparation for your unemployment appeal hearing, and help you understand the questions that may be asked of you so you know how the law works and how you can protect yourself when benefits have been denied.  Call us today at 515-222-1110 to discuss your appeal hearing.

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by Julie Myers March 19, 2015 at 07:44 PM
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