Iowa worker's compensation laws protect workers who get injured on the job, either in one acute injury, or a repetitive injury that accumulates over time.  This system has been in place for decades and has become a system of laws that injured workers can depend on.  Recently, legislators are working to overhaul the current system and this has sparked intense debate about what revisions should be made and why.  The proposed changes would do the following: 1) end benefits for permanently disabled workers at age 67, 2) significantly cut down on benefits allowed for common shoulder injuries, 3) allow employers and insurance carriers to deny claims based on the worker's pre-existing condition, age, or weight, and 4) allow employers to avoid paying benefits by re-hiring the employee and then firing them immediately.  The law has not been officially passed, but there is a large outcry from workers and attorneys who disagree with the proposed changes and argue that the new law will cause a significant detriment to Iowa workers.

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