Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder may occur after someone experiences any traumatic event - it can be something as serious as witnessing violence in war, or something closer to home such as a physical attack.  PTSD has received media attention in recent years strictly related to soldiers returning from war, but there are many other people who suffer from this disorder that are overlooked.  Women who suffer a traumatic event such as assault often develop PTSD, but do not receive a proper diagnosis or care because it is assumed this serious disorder would not result from such an event.  If treated at all, these victims receive treatment only for the mental components of the disorder - treating the recurrent nightmares, irritability, and emotional numbness.  A new study in Canada reveals that not only do women suffer from PTSD more often than realized, they are also at a much higher risk of developing other physical health problems related to the PTSD.  Women with several PTSD symptoms have a 60% higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease.  This new research indicates care providers need to focus as much on providing treatment to PTSD sufferers for the physical effects associated with the disorder to try to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

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