Braley endorsement exemplifies the skills of the trial lawyer

The Des Moines Register today in the Metro Edition endorsed first term Congressman Representative Bruce Braley. The editorial endorsement lists a few of Bruce’s accomplishments. In doing so the Editorial Board describes how Bruce shows up for discussion with copies of the legislation obviously read, dog-eared, post it notes and his scribbling in the margins. The Register’s Board saw the work, skill and effort of that it takes to be a successful trial lawyer. The law allows nothing less from the lawyer. Trial lawyers don’t survive in this business without being diligent, having a tremendous ability to read voluminous amounts of information, to sort that information, remember the important details and then reassemble it into their mind in a way that they are able to regurgitate it back to a jury in a way that while not written in that form is understood by the common man and woman.

I dare say if you asked Congressman Braley if what he is doing goes above and beyond that which we should expect from our elected officials, he would laugh, smile and tell you about how he wishes he had more hours in his day to do more. Bruce Braley as a trial lawyer offered his clients no less than what you saw as a hard-working-tough-nosed Congressman who pays attention to the detail of every issue he considers. 

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