Plane Crash Can Be a Workers' Compensation Claim

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A plane crash caused a Texas businessman's death near Milford, Iowa. In a very brief article the AP describes the pilots intended flight path and purpose along with the plane but gives really few details as to what caused the plane to crash. We have to assume from the date of the article, November 12, 2010, that the crash occurred on that date.

  • Pilot: Geary Gearn, 67 from Hereford, Texas.
  • Plane: Swearingen SX300.
  • Purpose of trip: Business to pick up the plane scheduled for maintenance in Minnesota.
  • Trip: According the article Mr. Gearn took a commercial flight from Texas to Minnesota to pick up the plane, "It was there for maintenance." And intended to fly it 1,000 miles from Lakeville, Minnesota back to Texas.
  • Business: Gearn Industries, Inc.
  • Spokesperson: Office Manager Deena Richards.

Gearn Industrics, Inc. is a cattle feed mill business. A website also indicates Gearn Industries is a leader in Steamflake Production Facilities and is a full service millwright facility. They provide grain handling equipment and storage along with steel fabricating.

Okay let's see where this leads us. What is steamflaking? The site shows Bartlett Milling production facility with a steamflaker. From reading the information on the Bartlett Milling site it appears steamflaking is a method by wish grain is processed using steam to enhance its value as a feedstock to cattle and other livestock. Bartlett Milling Company is a family-owned and operated regional feed company with a mission to meet your animal's nutritional needs. 

"Bartlett Milling offers a wide array of nutritional products, suitable for many types, breeds, and classes of horses, pets, and livestock, Bartlett Milling employs, and partners with, industry professionals to ensure customer's special needs are promptly met."

Bartlett also owns grain storage facilities. Fact Sheets for Feeding Distillers Grains.

"Founded in 1907, Bartlett & Company is a family-owned company based out of Kansas City.

Bartlett-Grain Co., L.P., a division of Bartlett & Company, owns over 60 million bushels of elevator storage capacity along the Missouri River in Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska.

We possess strong relationships with poultry and cattle feeding end-users in Arkansas and Texas.

Bartlett Grain is an established results-oriented exporter with an office in the fast growing Mexican market and experience in container shipments.

Bartlett-Cattle Co., L.P. owns two cattle feedlots, one in the Texas Panhandle and one in southwest Kansas. We offer years of trading experience into prime beef cattle markets.

Bartlett-Milling Co., L.P. owns flour and feed mills in North Carolina and Kansas. Trading byproducts from these milling facilities has developed Bartlett Grain?s network in the Southeastern swine and poultry markets."

Anyone with interest may contact Gearn Flaking through their website.

Contact Information

Telephone - 806-357-2222

Gearn Flaking Systems, Inc.

P.O. Box 993, Hereford, TX 79045

Electronic mail: [email protected]

Cases like this one could end up being a workers' compensation case and third-party case against the company that did the maintenance on the plane or the manufacturer. The workers' compensation case might be filed in Texas, Minnesota or Iowa. We live in a complicated world.

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