Turn the trial lawyers loose and the dog owners won't dare keep dangerous breeds in family neighborhoods. Don't, and they will keep laughing at the victims. Iowa's personal injury lawyers can help solve Waterloo’s pit bull problem.

Another Dog Bite or Dog Mauling Case - Just turn the trial bar loose and we'll resolve the issue.

Here is the news story out of Waterloo.

WATRELOO, Iowa - Three pit bull attacks in one week have the city of Waterloo looking to tighten the leash on pit bull owners. 
City leaders worry that pit bulls are becoming a public safety issue, and tonight the city council talked about how to address the problem.
Just Tuesday morning, as Waterloo police tried to round up a loose pit bull in the 400 block of Cherry Street, the dog bit an officer. And a week ago, two pit bulls and a Boston Terrier mix attacked a boy and a woman on Riehl Street in Waterloo.
The 13-year-old boy suffered bites and scratches before getting away, but the 65-year-old woman was bitten 200 times. 
Police shot and killed one of the pit bulls involved in that attack. 
During a special work session, Tuesday evening, the council considered drafting a new ordinance to curb attacks, but what it will look like is up in the air.
Some options target pit bull breeds, specifically. One idea would require a special license for pit bulls. Another, implant the animals with microchips for identification. Other options include, limiting the number of pit bulls per home, or require they be sprayed and neutered. 
One animal control officer said the city needs to stop out of control pit bull breeding in backyards.

“Until we get a hold of this problem that we have with the backyard breeding, we are going to continually have a problem here,” said Officer Maria Tiller.
Animal Control’s director Sandie Greco suggested the council look at changes that would affect all breeds of dog. She mentioned eliminating warnings and handing out more citations to owners for dogs at large, no proof of vaccinations or license. 
“We need to put some hefty fines out there for these people. It seems once you reach their checkbook, or their cash flow, then they listen to you,” Greco said.
Though the work session had no time for public comment, some Waterloo residents had ideas of their own. Twelve-year-old Tanner Cornwell used a BB gun last week to stop two pit bulls from attacking that 65-year-old woman. He thought an ordinance should target the breed.
“That or either no pit bulls in Waterloo,” said Tanner.
On the other side, some said current ordinances are good enough, they just need to be enforced.
“There is no way you can legally have a loose dog in the city of Waterloo. All we have to do is enforce that and fine the people,” said Randy Herod of Waterloo.
City council members talked about forming a committee to create an ordinance. They said it could take weeks before anything is drafted.

YAWN…. Ridiculous really... Waterloo has had two recent dog mauling cases (aka dog bite cases) with such terrible consequences for the victims that the only real solutions would be personal injury lawyers. Sit back with a glass of beer or wine (maybe even some good Kentucky Whiskey) and consider how ineffective passing another law is without adding the bite of a good personal injury lawyer. The dog owner is laughing at you because a right without a remedy is like a car without brakes. You can’t stop it. There is no way to stop the car from crashing into yours if you don’t have brakes stupid! Yeah that is what they are calling you, “Stupid”. The pit bull owners are laughing at you. The juries are screwing you by not awarding adequate damages and the politicians are taking your money and socking it away for a rainy day. Don’t think for a minute the politicians’ kids will get bit. No, that’s not going to happen, just yours. In the minds of the pit bull owners you don’t count because they aren’t afraid of you because juries don’t make them fear the wrath of the jury box. Weak jurors are as ineffective as the politicians who pass ineffective laws.

Turn the trial lawyers loose and the dog owners won't dare keep dangerous breeds in family neighborhoods. Don't, and they will keep laughing at the victims. 

I said then and I’ll say it again. The McDonald’s jury had it all right.

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