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When a pit bull attacks serious injury or death is certainly possible. In this dog attack the female pedestrian was jogging in the neighborhood. The dog owner owned three dogs and all three were put to sleep. Luckily a witness happened by and helped the female runner before it more damage. According to reports she was injured. Afterwards the animal control officer took possession of all three dogs and put them down. The witness is lucky he didn't have a heart attack.

Age of Victim: 62-years-old

Dog owner reported to be Tony and Beth Audas

Dog's Name: Rufus

Breed: Pit Bull

Newton Police Department, Officer Lt. Pat Richardson

Witness to Attack: John Jennings

Location: S4th Ave. West and West 4th Street South, Newton, Iowa.

Outcome: That dog and three others (all pit bulls) were euthanized.

Questions to be answered:

Did the dog's owners carry liability insurance?

Why wasn't the dog chained or in some other way restrained?

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