Iowa Medical Malpractice - The Adverse Event Meeting

Medical Malpractice Perjury In IowaThe laws in Iowa protecting bad doctors just got much better. Iowa law now allows them to lie to their patients both after they maim them or to lie to the relatives after killing them. The law then allows the doctor to take the stand and lie again to judge and jury. After he or she lies under oath, the law then shields them allowing the lie to be forever concealed.

You think I’m making this up. You hope I am exaggerating, but I am not.

sophistry - noun [sof-uh-stree]
1. a subtle, tricky, superficially plausible, but generally fallacious method of reasoning.
2. a false argument; sophism.​

Here, follow the logic.

THE FACTS These are real facts about how medical malpractice really occurred.

  1. A doctor doesn’t read the chart and operates on the wrong body part. It could be taking out the wrong kidney, cutting off the wrong leg or drilling a hole into the wrong side of the patient’s skull.
  2. The hospital realizes they have the wrong kidney or leg sitting in their lab. Yeah, that's the "Oops Moment!". 
  3. Hospital lawyers meet with the doctor and then the patient. They want to discuss this “adverse event” and to “make things right” by offering money. [Essentially it is hush money.]
  4. OMG, did we really do this? We did! Okay let’s try to keep this person from getting legal representation and then sweep it under the rug.
  5. Contact is made with the patient's widow. "Mrs. Widow, Something really bad happened, the doctor made a serious mistake; now here take this money."
  6. Widow: "Are you saying you made a mistake?"
  7. Hospital Lawyer and Doctor: "Yeah, we removed the wrong kidney and cut off the wrong leg."
  8. Widow: "Really?"
  9. Hospital Lawyer and Doctor: "Yeah. But, if you don’t take the money, we will deny we did anything wrong and then claim before judge and jury and while under oath, that we did nothing wrong."
  10. Widow being the educated person she is, decides to seek legal representation.

Maybe The Widow Needs To See A Lawyer

Mr. Lawyer sues the doctor and the hospital. At trial and while under oath the doctor is asked, “Did you do anything wrong when you removed the healthy kidney and cut off both his legs?

Now under oath, the doctor answers, “No.

Lawyer wants to show the jury that the doctor is lying. He will do this by offering the previously made statements of the hospital administrator, the hospital lawyer and the doctor when they offered the widow hush money and admitted to having made a mistake in removing the wrong kidney and cutting off both the patient’s legs.

The Judge Rules

Under Iowa law those statements made previously are not admissible. In other words the lawyer cannot ask the doctor about the previous statements made during the “Hush-Money-Meeting” to show, [while under oath and sitting in the jury box looking at an Iowa jury] that the doctor is lying.

Imagine That...Yeah, This Is The New Iowa

A lie is a lie is still a lie, even when the State sanctions it. This all sort of seems like how we portray Russian justice doesn’t it?

Sanctioning Perjury

The law requires judges to be complicit in the perjury by excluding the evidence that clearly proves the lie.

And so now Iowa law claiming to want to attract more doctors to rural areas of the state allows them to maim, kill, lie to the patients and then lie to the judge and jury.

We now have state-sanctioned perjury. Home grown. It's pure because it is the Iowa-nice version. Right off the farm and into your courthouse.

You should thank your Iowa Senator and Representative for this gem of a law. It is all a part of the 2017 medical malpractice reforms.

We do assist people with the adverse-event meetings. If you need help with your claim, contact us by calling Barbara to set up a meeting with attorneys Lombardi and Phillip.

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