Personal Injury News, from around Iowa for March 7, 2011

Mondays are either slow on PI news or like today filled with news stories with different fact patterns from the PI world. It has been an interesting news weekend to say the least.

In Hopkinton (Delaware County) we have a 3-year-old getting mauled and killed by a set of Rottweiler's. In Ankeny we have four dogs dead and two people injured from dog attacks. The City of Hopkinton may now consider banning Rottweiler's. It almost seems ironic that today is the day to register your "Beautiful Bulldog" at Drake University. See also 1 dog shot, 2 euthanized after fight.

In Bloomfield a 17-year-old teen slips on pond ice, falls in and drowns. See Bloomfield teenager drowns at pond. Then four people plunged into the Mississippi River at New Albin when the thin ice broke and in they went. According to the report no one was seriously injured. One was driving an ATV pulling a trailer with 3 people when it fell through the ice. All were able to get out of the water, build a fire on an island and avoid hypothermia.

Then we have a story about a man allegedly pulling a gun in a traffic dispute.

A story from Elgin about a 36-year-old woman accused of identity theft, using someone else's name to obtain student loans; if true would be a felony with a five-year prison sentence.

The teachers' union pres is reported to have been jailed for OWI. That isn't going to help with the public's perception.

A semi rolled at the mixmaster where I-80, I-235 and I-35 come together in West Des Moines. I'm through this segment on a weekly basis and it's terrible. It's an accident waiting to happen with everyone going straight, right and left trying to merge every which way. To roll a semi takes some effort.

The ISU football team players must be bored; two were arrested Saturday - one for OWI and the other for interfering with official acts. These two guys look like football players, too bad for the events. Come on boys hit the gym not the bars.

Then we have the lawsuit against the hospital in Fort Dodge filed by the deaf woman over sign language or the lack of someone to sign. That's strange enough to be legitimate. The federal courts hate PI but love this kind of esoteric legal theory.

And speaking of strange fact patterns; what's with the $75,000 settlement by the City of Mason City and a church in Mason City over allegations of name calling that allegedly led to an IRS audit? The legal theory appears from the news article to be one of defamation surrounding something the police said back in 2009.

The article titled "Where's the beef?" comes to us from Melbourne, Iowa where 3/4rds of a ton of steak and assorted meats was stolen from Sedlacek's Wholesale Meat Co. So just know if your friends invite you over for a series of really good barbecue's you may be eating stolen meat.

A house fire in Grand Mound appears to be someone attempting to cover-up a double murder.

In Odebolt there is the very strange case of the bus driver, a student getting hit by the bus, the bus driver calling 911 and then allegedly continuing on her route or something like that. From this news report it's impossible to know exactly what did happen, but it's still a strange set of facts.

In the Iowa Legislature the focus is away from the obliteration of gays from planet-Iowa and towards the theft of copper and putting salvage dealers on notice they will not be allowed fence stolen copper from urban mining.

In Sherrill a 2-year-old boy was killed as he ‘runs across the road'. What pray-tell is a 2-year-old doing in the street?

Then in Mechanicsville two elderly people died after stopping their car on railroad tracks in front of an oncoming train.

A 15-year-old was shot and wounded at an eastside Des Moines park as he played basketball. He got shot in the knee. What are 15-year-old boys doing playing with guns? Here is the quote: "A group of young people were playing basketball in the park when an argument broke out. One boy pulled out a handgun, fired it into the air several times and then shot the victim in the leg. The suspect fled the park." These boys need military service where respect would be drilled into them.

A Des Moines radio station probably needing publicity has invited Charlie Sheen to Lazerfest. See Lazer 103.3's annual summer hard rock festival story.

At the U of I there is the $450,000 severance payment that drew attention away from administrative duties and ... say what? Paid $450,000 for severance pay? Where do I sign up for that job? And people are worried about someone getting a few measly bucks for pain and suffering damages that go to pay the lawyers who do all the work and to bring them even, if you can ever get even after an accident.

That's enough for one day. See you tomorrow.

Steve Lombardi
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