Iowa Personal Injury News: This story from the Des Moines Register has Ellen Hubbell’s lawyer having to make excuses for his client suing a negligent party that provided a crappy golf cart that caused her to become seriously injured. The owner supplies a crappy golf cart with an unsecured seat that tosses the lady out and to the ground and somehow she ends up being the bad "guy".  It’s ironic that insurance companies through insurance contract terms force lawyers to sue negligent parties so they can be indemnified and then malign personal injury lawyers for doing what they require us to do.

Here is attorney George LaMarca making excuses for doing what the law requires us to do (and doing it very well I might add) in order to deflect the hostility jurors have over personal injury litigation. Everyone thinks the other guy’s lawsuit or personal injury claim is frivolous. But when the same guy who yells about all personal injury litigation being frivolous wants us to represent him he now wants everyone to believe this one isn’t frivolous. It's the old saying, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 

We have all become short sighted about how the world really works when controlled by insurance companies. (How many billions does Wellmark have in it's reserve account? $1.3 Billion! See story below.) Now, even Iowa personal injury lawyers have to explain (make excuses) for why we do what we do when it should be obvious why we do it; but probably isn’t because it's hidden in the fine print. It’s ironic that insurance company executives get to hide the fact they are the ones forcing lawsuits, not the lawyers that help victims who are injured.

If you want to be fully compensated, then you too will have to sue. It's all about the fine print in the insurance policy you bought - not the personal injury lawyers or personal injury lawsuits. It's not the civil justice system - it's the insurance industry. You see insurance executives love to hate us because they know we are just doing what they force us to do and then get to blame us for doing it. They escape the wrath of the public while heaping it on us. And in this case it should be obvious George feels the need to make a premptive strike with publicly explaining insurance law.

D.M. senators ask state to look at Wellmark's $1.3B cash reserves 

Two Des Moines state senators are questioning whether Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield needs $1.3 billion in reserves. Democrats Jack Hatch and Matt McCoy have asked Iowa Insurance Commissioner Nick Gerhart to investigate Wellmark's reserves in light of the company's announcement last week that it will not join the the state's health insurance exchange next year, reports The Des Moines Register. Wellmark did not respond to the newspaper's request for comment. Hatch says state regulations require the insurer to have reserves of only $350 million.

Gerhart said last month he might investigate Wellmark's need for the large reserve if the company didn't take the risk of entering the exchange. Iowa Business Record

The insurance industry heaps all this scorn upon the lawyers who practice personal injury law for suing, but say nothing about the way the insurance industry works that requires us to do exactly what they criticize us about. This is pure poppycock.

Here is the story, read it and all the hypocrisy society can heap on us.

Hubbells sue Terrace Hill foundation over golf-cart injuries

Terrace Hill benefactors James and Ellen Hubbell are suing the mansion’s foundation over a golf-cart accident that occurred last Halloween night.

The Hubbells were attending a Terrace Hill Society Foundation fundraiser when they were thrown from a golf cart, “causing severe and permanent injuries” to Ellen Hubbell, according to the lawsuit, filed in Polk County District Court on June 27.

The Hubbells allege that the foundation was negligent because a seat was loose on the golf cart.

Terrace Hill Society Foundation officials did not return a call for comment. The state of Iowa, which owns Terrace Hill, was not named in the lawsuit.

George LaMarca, attorney for the Hubbells, said: “Terrace Hill Society Foundation’s liability insurance company required the Hubbells to file a lawsuit so that the insurance company could bring an indemnification claim against the owner of the golf cart loaned to the society for the fundraiser. The Hubbells’ health insurance company also required them to bring an action against the party responsible for Ellen’s substantial injuries so that it can recoup the amounts paid for Ellen’s significant medical bills.”

“The Hubbells made every effort to settle this matter without filing a lawsuit, but were forced to do so by the society’s insurance company,” LaMarca said.

Read more about the lawsuit in Wednesday’s Register. 

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