I’m not sure I like this story but it’s one I can’t seem to avoid. As a personal injury and property damage lawyer in Iowa that also practices in the area of real estate as licensed real estate broker more and more I’m getting pulled into the problems that bed bugs are causing in Iowa.

Just recently I was asked to represent an over-the-road truck driver staying at a Cedar Rapids training facility who was bitten by bed bugs. The dorm room was infested. He ended up seeking medical treatment for bug bites and when he returned to his room everything was covered in a white powder and all his belongings, including the sleeping bag he’d just bought, had to be destroyed. Bed bugs can cause personal injury, property damage, wage loss, increase workers’ compensation claims, a loss of profit for businesses and added costs to maintain a property for landlords. They are an insidious nuisance to us all.

As a personal injury lawyer lawyer in Iowa I'm seeing clients for cases involving workers' compensation, landlord-tenant claims, property damage claims, personal injury, medical expense and general insurance claims. Look at this quote from the linked article.

"Orkin, a pest control company, keeps tally of the top 50 bed bug infested cities. In 2011 Cedar Rapids/Waterloo ranked 45th. In 2012, Cedar Rapids/Waterloo jumped 12 places ranking 33rd on the list. The number one city for bed bug problems is Chicago. Last year, the bed bug business as a whole also grew by 32 percent nationwide."

That is an ugly statistic and not something Cedar Rapids or Waterloo want to be highly ranked for. But if true it tells me our office will see more of these cases. And multi-family housing, the darling of commercial real estate may turn out to be not so popular. One more reason to own your own home.  

A recent story about how to treat them with heat may be of interest to our real estate and over-the-road trucker clients as well as adventure travelers. This one company eradicates bed bugs by increasing the temperature in the building to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. That is supposed to kill the bugs. Here is the story.  

New Bed Bug Company Bites Back with Unique Heating Technology

By Jill Kasparie, Reporter

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