People, Not Corporations Need to be the Courts' Priority

The story's title reads: Ground Zero Worker: I Received No Compensation For Throat Cancer. Frankly Poor Mr. Galvis; I feel sorry for him. I'm not surprised he got nothing, because I've been talking about it now for quite some time. I don't blame the lawyers at Worby, Groner, Edelman & Napoli Bern because they are in business to first pay the bills and second to make some kind of a profit. But how do lawyers make a profit with a $10,000 case when we have so many liens and subrogation interests to protect? As lawyers dealing with health insurance subrogation, child support liens, auto insurance medical pay subrogation interests, Medicare, Medicaid, Title XIX and employee benefit plans under ERISA we are left asking who we represent. 
With all these insurance plans wanting a piece of the pie how should we be protecting the injured worker? After all do we represent the injured person or all these corporate entities with their hands out wanting a piece of the pie?  With most personal injury litigation today, the meat and potatoes cases, the small cases we handle, all we are doing is trading checks between insurance companies and being paid a fee to do so. It's embarrassing, but it's a sign of the times so don't blame us, because we are only doing what your elected officials voted for us to do. Pay them before we can pay you. Our intended client, you know the injured man or woman, are being forgotten. But don't blame the lawyers in this instance - no siree, because you voted for the people that passed all these laws that treat the injured person as if they were an afterthought. There aren't enough lawyers in the legislature so point your finger in some other direction. We lawyers have a light bill to pay. It's what you call staying in business in today's legal environment. So sing along with AC/DC and sing to whom you voted for and for the lot those have cast upon you. Sing loud and long, sing Hail Caesar
Steve Lombardi
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