As a personal injury law firm we are currently handling a serious personal injury pedestrian accident in Des Moines. The young man will suffer the consequences of traumatic brain injury for a long time into his future. Being a personal injury attorney with 32+ years of experience in this area I’m familiar with the difficulties the pedestrian can have in rehabilitating following the accident. A head injury, brain damage, spinal cord compression, a broken arm, broken leg and multiple surgeries can take years to get over. So when we take on an Iowa pedestrian accident case we are in for the long haul and appreciate our job is to find and get all the insurance coverage there is because the medical bills alone can be insurmountable. We hope our clients have health insurance but not always. Car insurance helps but it alone may not be enough.

"It was just this week I was sitting down with a brain injury rehabilitation counselor who discussed brain injury of soldiers and how it differs from car accident victims. Each can be devastating, but the shell explosion causes a more diffuse axonal damage in the brain tissue. Make no mistake about it the person who suffers brain damage or serious bodily injury needs help from family, friends, a spouse and a good Iowa personal injury law firm. If we can help please call Barbara at 515-222-1110 or send email directly to me, Attorney Lombardi at [email protected]. We are here to serve you." Steve Lombardi

This pedestrian-car accident happened on Highway 6 on the east edge of Atlantic on July 16, 2013. Here is a quote from KSOM’s news report: ““We had a vehicle eastbound through the intersection at Highway 6 and Highway 71 and about 50 yards east of the intersection a pedestrian ran out in the roadway,” said Atlantic Police Chief Steve Green. “The driver tried to stop and was unable to and struck the pedestrian.”


The two photographs show a wide open intersection so you have wonder if the driver had tunnel vision.


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