I have to wonder if the Paula Deen team was reading my blog last Thursday titled Savannah Courts: Are Paula Deen and the N-Word Being Used for Race-Baiting? Paula Deen simply needed to clean house and hit the reset button. The point of my blog post is that while using the derogatory ways to describe any race, white’s included, is wrong what is PC today were not PC 20 years ago and to punish someone for what they said 20 years ago is a lame excuse not worthy of being considered. What was in that deposition, whether the plaintiff was asked about similar derogatory terms and what was said still remains a mystery.  But what is more of a mystery is why the N-word has any bearing on the issues in that case since it appears the case is about gender discrimination. This one is going to get even more interesting.

Paula Deen replaces legal team, hires D.C. attorney Grace Speights

Paula Deen has ditched her defense team — and hired a Beltway legal eagle.

The Southern foodie, facing allegations of racial slurs in a workplace discrimination suit, filed court papers Thursday cutting loose her Savannah-based law firms, Oliver Maner and Gillen, Withers & Lake.

In their place: A new legal team led by Grace Speights, an employment litigation specialist and partner in the D.C. office of Morgan Lewis, who has an interesting resume. She’s a regular on those “top Washington litigators” and “most powerful women lawyers” lists — and in the ’90s, as local president of the National Bar Association, a group of African-American lawyers, pushed to diversify D.C. law firms.

Paula Deen Hires New Legal Team, Will Get Turned Into Comic Character

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