Paraplegic scammer attempts his scam on lawyers in Baltimore, Maryland

Hey Javontae you can run, but you can’t hide! Oh wait that’s right you’re supposed to be a paraplegic so you can’t run either. Oh sorry, well not really.

If you’ve been following this story you already know about this scam involving a paraplegic who allegedly worked at FedEx and while making a deliver was injured and rendered a paraplegic. He calls lawyers asking for legal representation saying he’s desperate to get rent money and unless he can get a couple of months rent he’s going to sign settlement documents and settle on the cheap. He attempts to make the lawyer want in and in return to give his landlord money. If he can’t get the landlord a couple of months rent he’ll sign the settlement papers and take $850,000 for this multimillion dollar case.

Lawyers anxious to stop the adjuster from robbing this paraplegic are supposed to come running in and save the day paying the landlord (Mr. Jackson) the rent money. Here read the stories from before and you’ll get a better understanding of the entire scam.

These last few weeks I posted:

WalMart paraplegic scam is off and running to Baltimore, Maryland. I received a call from a lawyer who was almost, but not quite hooked. He admitted to me this would have been the first time in his career. This lawyer had no intention of paying but was hopping on a plane to fly down to meet Javontae to sign him up. He was ready to send the fax to Robert Johnson when the thought occurred to him to Google “Javaontae Halloway”. Voila. Bada Bing!

You see as a lawyer there is a reason to publish on the Internet. Now if we can just shut down the folks scamming and persuade them to become motivated to actually work, then we have accomplished something of value. Because when they catch up to you and you are sitting in a prison cell your life has no value.

Here is the thank you we received from this Baltimore lawyer.

The Javontae Holloway call came in 2 hours ago and we bit.  It was to the “T” of your description, the only differences being that the injury occurred in Syracuse, NY and that Sedgwick was on the way to offer him $850,000 for a full release of FedEx and Walmart.  I was about to send Robert Johnson a fax telling him to cease all communications with Mr. Holloway and to go through me, when it occurred to me to Google “Javontae Halloway”.  This is when I came upon your posting describing the scam.  I just wanted to thank you for posting this scam on the Internet and alerting me to it.  In the end, we never would have sent the landlord any money, we didn’t even get that far with Po Javonte, but it did save us from wasting valuable hours with the back and forth.  Thanks again!

Best regards and happy holiday,

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We all make choices in life.


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just off the phone with steve, I googled the "injured party's" phone number, first thing that came up was steve's page on the paraplegic scammer. called steve while I still had "carl torrence" on the phone, steve knew everything already...where the guys says he lived, landlord's wife with breast cancer, etc. unreal! thanks for saving my ass steve!
by mike ob September 16, 2019 at 03:37 PM
Just got the same call in Illinois. Same scenario except injury occurred in Illinois and Sedgwick is offering him $750,000.00.
by Peter August 17, 2014 at 06:17 PM
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