I received several calls over the past two weeks from lawyers practicing in Oregon, Vermont, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. The caller has been identifying himself using the name Carl Torrence reporting he was struck by a UPS truck driver in a Lowe’s parking lot. The settlement amount being offered varies but the story remains the same – he is going to be evicted if he can’t come up with several hundred dollars. He is either going to be homeless or sent to a nursing home, which he desperately would like to avoid. His landlord is either in need of the rent money for his wife’s alleged breast cancer or her education (new fact) and without it he will be pressed to evict. You are then placed in the position of offering to pay the rent to save the lawsuit.

Here is one version of the scenario.

I could see where he was heading with the back rent story so I said "I wish I could lend you the money, but it is a disciplinary violation for a lawyer to do that so I cannot".  So MY Javonae, aka Calvin Williams, did not ever press me for money.  I spoke directly to the landlord and suggested to him that if he could just wait a few months, Calvin would be able to offer him more than just the three months’ rent.  The landlord said, in a deep, deep southern drawl, that his wife needed the money for "educational expenses".  The landlord sounded like he was 75 years old and I kept wondering what possible educational needs his wife might have unless she was a LOT younger.  Boy had he robbed the cradle.  Anyway, he wrote me off by saying "I cannot place this boy's needs ahead of my wife's".  What a heartless bastard.  And cradle robber.

There may be more than one person or one person who imitates several voices that include the paraplegic, the landlord and the brother. The method of money transfer has recently changed from GreenDot Cards to Western Union. We have several receipts to show an identity of a person picking up the money.

This scam is changing slightly but the basic facts remain the same. If you have been contacted and find our blog please send us your details so we may keep up with the latest facts.

He used 9/12/87 as his DOB, an address of 133 Maple Street, Columbus MS 39702 and a phone number of 985-519-3971. The phone shows up as LA (Louisiana).

He called back 7/6/15 and asked that paperwork be faxed to Office Depot in Columbus MS (fax #662-328-2778).

And then this story out of Philly:

I was contacted by a potential client with similar facts-I was told his injury took place in Lowes in Philadelphia where he was paralyzed in a work related incident.  He called at 1:15 pm and told my staff he was going to sign a release with his WC carrier at 3:00 and his landlord was going to take him to sign it in order to get three months back rent.  He was allegedly living in Mississippi at the time.  His phone number was 225-828-9794.

If this man were to put his energy into a legitimate enterprise there is no telling what he could achieve.


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