What caused 21 year old Travis Scott to veer straight into oncoming traffic?


That is the question Council Bluffs police are asking after the accident in the late hours of October 9th 2009 between Mr. Scott and Pottawattamie County Deputy Jahn Kirlin that left Mr. Scott, his two passengers and the deputy injured. The accident happened on 23rd St.; the driver Travis Scott and passenger Leah Wenninghoff were in serious condition, another passenger Anthony Biggert was listed in stable condition, and the Deputy was treated for hand and arm injuries. The case remains open for investigation. Yeah ... I guess you could say that.


This accident happened just before midnight on a Friday, involving two 21-year-olds and another one of 20 years. So what was the driver doing that caused this young driver to cross the center line and crash into the deputy? What were the distractions? Answer that question and the deputy will probably have an answer to what made them cross over the center line. Let’s see crashing head-on into a deputy sheriff’s car. I’d have to say that’s not the best day you can expect in your life.

In this instance the legal questions are:

1. Who was at fault and why?

2. Will the deputy sheriff file a workers' compensation claim and a personal injury claim against the other driver?

3. Will the passengers file claims against the young driver or were they also at fault for what was going on that created the distraction for the driver?


The threat of injury to law enforcement is about being on-the-road as much as it is in making an arrest.

Steve Lombardi
Iowa personal injury, workers' compensation, motorcycle, quadriplegic, paraplegic, brain injury, death
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