Someone sent me the video Million American Jobs Project after listening to me say how I intended to approach my Christmas shopping. Watch the video from YouTube and then think about how Amazon is having an effect on your job prospects.

Million American Jobs Project - YouTube

Before Christmas I concluded online-shopping was adding nothing to our local economy and made the decision to limit what I bought online. I don’t like shopping at the mall. It has nothing to do with the mall; it has everything to do with me hating to shop. But this year I wanted to buy from a person whose job depended on the local economy. I wanted to buy from someone who needs the job and wants to work in the state where I live.

We need to boycott Amazon and online shopping for things we can buy locally.

I've been explaining this to people and it surprises most people when it is stated as plainly as the nose on your face.  Buying on Amazon helps Amazon employees and some rich factory owner in a foreign country, but it does nothing for Americans, or Iowans or our local economies.

Think I'm wrong; then consider this scenario. Here is what happens when you buy from Amazon.

  • Amazon has this junk shipped from some factory in China, Taiwan or other parts of Asia.
  • Some rich factory owner makes a profit on low-pay wages to some kid or poor sucker working for 25 cents per hour.
  • The more you buy, the richer the factory owner becomes.
  • But what about Americans?
  • And what happens in America when you buy from Amazon?
  • We don't need a factory here in America.
  • We don't need the store in the mall.
  • Which means the store doesn't hire clerks and the factory fires all of its employees.
  • The store either closes or waits to the lease end and then closes.
  • The malls look like a graveyard and then finally close.
  • And what about those workers, the clerks and store managers?
  • The clerks can't afford health insurance or car insurance or any insurance for that matter.
  • They in turn stop buying locally.
  • The electricians, guys who plow snow, mow the grass, janitors, architects, property managers, mall security, store managers, artists who create the window displays and all other support services lose their jobs.
  • Property tax revenues decrease and demands on local and state governments increase because of unemployment claims and health care demands.
  • The carpenters, masons, electricians, plumbers, HVAC, roofers, guys laying asphalt and landscapers all have no work and lose their jobs.
  • We end up with a lot of vacant space, creating an environment for criminal activity and the need for more and more police.
  • Taxes increase becoming more of a burden on the few who do have businesses.
  • It is a vicious cycle forever heading in a downward spiral.
  • America loses when we shop online and especially through Amazon.
  • Stop shopping on Amazon.
  • Amazon is killing this country.

It's a vicious cycle that will only get worse if we continue to buy online and from Amazon.

This past Christmas I made a promise to myself to stop buying online unless it's necessary when I can't buy it locally.

So what happened over Christmas at the mall?

I walked into the Hallmark store at the mall and looked at 4 clerks who had real jobs with real wages being paid to Iowans, not someone in Asia. I'd rather pay a little more, buy less and buy locally to support the business owners and the clerks who work in the stores along with all the other professions that support those businesses. Because in turn they spend money locally and support our economy and the businesses I own.

Screw Amazon! Boycott Amazon and Jeff Bezos. He's getting rich off of making most of us unemployed.


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