One Dead in Crash Involving Two Tractor Trailers on I-80 in Iowa

Richard Kahyaouglu, 55, of Perrysburg was killed in an accident involving two tractor trailers on Saturday, May 21st. The crash occurred on westbound Interstate 80 near the 175 mile marker in Grinnell. [Powershiek County] One driver pulled his semi over to the side of the road after experiencing problems with a blown tire. Kahyaouglu crested a hill in his truck and slowly impacted the other semi. The first driver, still in his truck and wearing a seatbelt, was not injured. Kahyaouglu was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. [175 mile marker]

I read this news item and there are many questions and so few answers. The Iowa State Patrol’s investigation will make or break this case because the position of the two trucks will be the key piece of evidence. On the road, off the road, in the travelled land, or in the break down lane? What happened and who was at fault? One man died and so there is just one witnesses. The KCCI-9 video shows the trailer in the break-down lane. So, was the other driver distracted, tired, or just not paying attention? Was the trailer moved before this video was shot?

Aside from the at-fault part workers’ compensation benefits may be involved for a widow and dependents.

I-80 and I-35 accidents are a different kind of accident to handle. Workers’ compensation accidents require some help for the dependents to assure they are treated fairly. If we can help call us.

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