Old Escalator Causes Young Girl to Lose Her Leg in Serious Accident

An 11-year old girl and her family were shopping in a department store with one of the oldest escalators in the country.  She was wearing high-top lace-up sneakers and while riding the escalator, her foot became trapped in the moving steps.  She was unable to remove her foot before the top of the escalator and someone eventually was able to shut the machine off with the emergency switch.  At this point, her leg was caught in the mechanism to about mid-calf.  She lost a lot of blood and also experienced kidney failure.  She lost her foot and her lower leg required reconstruction.  A department store is under an obligation to maintain and repair escalators to ensure the safety of their customers.  This includes a quarterly inspection to identify and repair potential problems.  Stores must abide by the repair obligations and replace old steps, such as those on the escalator in this case, to prevent accidents.

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