According to news reports dozens of patients were treated at the Toledo Clinic Cognitive Center in Ohio, between 2015 and 2016. These patients received treatment and were diagnosed with Alzheimer's, leading them to believe tests were interpreted and imaging used to make this diagnosis.  It is now clear that a person making the diagnosis is not a medical doctor and did not have the authority to make diagnoses or provide treatment for Alzheimer's.  Worse still, each of the patients who received this diagnosis did not actually have the disease.  They are just now finding out the truth, after months of coming to terms with their fate and making life-altering changes because of this diagnosis.  

Apparently the treatment provided included memory games and coconut oil, and the treater's recommendations not to use real medication or get a second opinion.  An attorney for the patients says many patients were overbilled and that money was a motivating factor.  He said that the treater would sometimes diagnose an entire family with the disease.  One woman received the diagnosis and brought in her family, who were all diagnosed as well.  Her husband, who was 48-years old, allegedly took his own life due to depression that set in as a result of the diagnosis.  An autopsy showed no signs of Alzheimer's disease.  No formal criminal charges have been filed yet against the treater, but the patients and their families have filed civil suits against this person, her physician husband who signed off on documents involved in the alleged fraudulent practice, and the clinic center where the center existed.

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