Know this about workers’ compensation benefits in Iowa, medical opinions drive the truck. Meaning, if you don’t have a positive medical opinion then you aren’t going to get benefits. It is a really simple concept that many people, through wishful thinking, don’t appreciate.

Here is what I mean.

For me to get your car to start up, I need what? Gas. Right? I need gas in the tank. No gas, the engine won’t start up.

The same applies to workers’ compensation. There is a ‘benefit engine’ that needs gas in the tank. And that gas is a positive medical opinion.

Let’s look at some examples of a positive medical opinions.

  1. Work-related Injury – The doctor’s diagnosis is a medical condition that he says is not normal and requires either additional medical care and/or for you to be off of work.
  2. Causation – The treating doctor states the diagnosed condition is related to the work environment. Meaning whatever is wrong with you came about as a result of some aspect of the work you do or where you work.
  3. Work Excuse – Now listen up, because this is important. For you to get paid while off of work there has to be a doctor who says you need to be off of work. The simplest concepts can be the most difficult to execute for some people. Because people fool themselves into thinking their situation is unique. Wrong, wrong, wrong. You still need a written excuse to be off of work and the reasons have to be related to what is wrong with you that is related to your work.

Action - Before walking out of your doctor’s office ask either the doctor or the nurse for a written work excuse setting the time period you should be off of work.

If you have any questions about the issues in this blog call Katrina or I to get real answers that put real benefit dollars in your pocket and food on your table. And remember, the chances of your situation being unique are slim and none. So be smart and call today.

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