Odd News Stories About Trump, Guns, Selfies and A Stray Dog

Deadly Selfie: 19-year-old man shoots himself while posing with a gun for social media uploads

Deadly Dog Bite, The theory of letting no good deed go unpunished. Adopted Rottweiler Attacks and Kills Owner

Construction Site Mayhem: What appeared to be a Halloween prank turned out to be the body of a dead woman

Facebook postings gets Minnesota Judge in hot water - The reprimand (PDF) issued by the Minnesota Board on Judicial Standards said the posts by Judge Edward Bearse cast doubt on his impartiality and violated rules requiring jurists to be “dignified and courteous with litigants” and refrain from putting personal interests above the duties of the judicial role. At least one mistrial resulted from the judge’s posts.

Crime Sort of Does Pay - $1 Million in Restitution paid to victims by Hollywood Studio - When the so-called Barefoot Bandit took a plea in 2011, part of the deal was that the then 20-year-old could not profit from his two-year crime spree, ABC News reported at the time.

However, a Hollywood studio was allowed to pay $1 million in restitution to victims on behalf of Colton Harris-Moore, in exchange for the right to tell his life story, reports the Seattle Times. The agreement says he agreed to “forfeit the intellectual property rights” concerning a highly publicized series of teenage crimes that included stealing several small planes and leading police on a chase that started in Washington state and ended in the Bahamas.

Sue Anthony Arrested and Found Guilty for Voting as a Woman – A woman from New York was arrested and convicted of voting illegally, because of being a woman. Hillary Clinton vows revenge. Donald Trump asserts the arrest was legal. The crowds cheer, Long Live Caesar! 


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