No Ticket To Ride, by Ringo Starr

But, can you win? That's the pertinent question to be answered.

Question Detail: My wife and I bought round-trip tickets from New York to Atlantic City (Atlantic Cub Hotel). There were 3 parts, the ticket from NY to Atlantic City, the return ticket, and the casino ticket. She tore off the return ticket and left us both with the casino tickets. When we went to the bus depot to return to NY, the bus driver said he couldn't let us on because what we had were the casino tickets. We tried to explain what had happened but the driver and the dispatcher refuse to let us on. As a result we had to scramble around late at night, taking city buses. Finally, we had bought two one-way greyhound tickets for $69.95. We ended up paying about $90.00 for city buses and cab fares when we arrived in New York at 1:30 pm. I have a heart disease and diabetes. We were both quite stressed out. Can we sue and how much can we sue for it?

Answer: Were you stressed out because of the lost ticket or because you lost at the craps table? Okay, we won't go there, but sooner or later you probably will.

Back to your initial question. The lady was negligent for not paying enough attention to what she was doing, but then so were you for not looking closely at the ticket and questioning her when she tore off the incorrect portion. But there is a bigger problem with your case; it’s not worth enough to get a lawyer interested. Think about it, your case is worth the cost of two tickets fromNew York to Atlantic City and although I don’t know the price I’ll get it’s worth less than $500.00. How can a lawyer justify spending thousands of dollars worth of his time arguing over a $500.00 case? He can’t and so not many lawyers would find this case economically feasible.

Instead file a complaint with the bus company and seek reimbursement. The bus company must have a record showing you purchased the ticket and didn’t use it.

I’ll warn you I don’t practice in either New York or New Jersey; I’m not licensed to practice in either, only Iowa and Florida. So you should see an attorney licensed in either of these jurisdictions. 

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