I've been away from the blog for about two weeks; frankly I've needed a break. BURN OUT! I'm going to stop The Edict, simply because writing and thinking so much about personal injury and what is wrong with the court system and how people drive is starting to get to me. As a lawyer having working in the trenches for 30+ years I've reached a point where whatever advise given has been given a thousand times and there is a point of seemingly no return. I'm there.


John Edwards was indicted by a federal grand jury. I wonder if anyone else feels like their vote was stolen? I'm a Republican and changed my party affiliation to vote for John Edwards. I for one am angry with John Edwards and feel like he stole my vote. I read where John said he doesn't want to lose his law license because he wants to work for the poor. If John Edwards knew anything about working for the poor he wouldn't have done what he did. He made his money, he has his own hedge fun, he's had this chances and he blew them. I say take away his law license for behavior and choices that are unbecoming of a lawyer. My law school classmate Rob Tully has it right in the news story with the Des Moines Register. Edwards is a snake. Disappointment doesn't even begin to describe how people feel.

John needs to go back to the coal mines and dig out of this one.


How about Tennessee Ernie Ford's version; I like it better.


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