Good Samaritans in Indiana face criminal misdemeanor charges, 60 days in prison, and a $500 fine for their “crime.”  Jeff Counceller and his wife, Jennifer, began caring for a severely injured baby deer that Jeff found while on duty as a police officer in Cornersville, Indiana.  The couple took the whitetail deer home after she had been nearly bitten to death and nursed her back to health.  The couple planned to release the deer, which they named Dani, back into the wild once she was well enough.  Before they could do so, however, the Department of Natural Resources learned that the Counceller’s were keeping a deer on their property.  Conservation officers informed the Counceller’s that possession of a whitetail deer is a crime in Indiana and that they would have to put the deer down due to extensive human contact.  Fortunately, Dani was released from her pen at the Councellor’s home before the officers could take her, and she has not returned.  The Councellor’s plan to fight the charges and are receiving much support from the community.

[Photo taken by Steve on February 1, 2013 at 7:33 a.m. Notice the four deer lying in the snow.]

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