Research is continuing into the study of brain injuries and resulting brain damage in athletes, particularly football players.  The NFL has been known to be uncooperative, but a new congressional study reveals that the NFL went further than just pretending the issue doesn't exist - it was involved in an improper campaign to influence a major U.S. government research study on football and brain disease.  The NFL gave an "unrestricted gift" of $30 million to the National Institutes of Health in 2012 and $16 million of that was to be used to fund a study on neurodegenerative disease to be conducted by prominent researcher Robert Stern.  Mr. Stern has criticized the NFL in the past and presumably the NFL did not want him conducting the study so instead it pressured the NIH to have the study conducted by members of the NFL's committee on brain injuries.  The study continued with Mr. Stern and taxpayers ended up bearing the cost.  The congressional report identifies this action by the NFL as part of a long pattern of attempts by the league to "shape concussion reserch for its own purposes," while maintaining to the public that it was supporting in-depth research.

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