Texting on cell phones is a pervasive aspect of everyday life.  It is a constant source of communication and one that many people continue to use even when driving.  Many states are trying to enforce regulations that will help to reduce distracted driving that results from texting, and the most recent attempt comes from .  Cuomo started a $1 million texting-while-driving initiative that went into effect on July 4, beginning with putting more police officers on the road in unmarked vehicles to spot drivers who are unlawfully using their phones.  The unmarked vehicles are specially manufactured to sit higher up so the officers can more easily see into the driver seat area of other cars on the road.  The initiative in New York also increased the penalty for distracted driving from 3 to 5 points on a driver's license, where 11 points is enough to revoke or suspend a driver's license.  For young and new drivers, there is also an increased period of suspension and revocation if they violate the no-texting rules.  Cuomo's goal in passing this initiative is to save lives and cause people to change their driving behaviors in order to protect everyone on the road.

See Distracted Driving Initiative in New York Targets Unlawful Texting.

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